PDP, not Dasuki gave N100m to SDP, says Falae

2 years ago

NATIONAL Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Chief Olu Falae has declared that he got no money from Col. Sambo Dasuki, insisting the N100 million he was said to have collected came from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to enable the Social Democratic Party (SDP) campaign for former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking at a meeting of the party’s National Working Committee in Abuja, he said: “We (SDP) will be bigger tomorrow that we are today, despite the recent campaign of calumny being orchestrated by certain forces to discredit your leadership and your party, by alleging that I, Chief Olu Falae, CFR, CON, collected N100 million from Col. Dasuki.

“I have said so several times and I will say so now as a believer in God, that I did not collect even one naira from Col. Dasuki. Not just that, that I have had absolutely no feelings whatsoever, with Col. Dasuki.

“I think the last time I saw Col. Dasuki must have been in 1987,when he was ADC to General Babangida and I was Secretary to the Federal Government. So, we worked together, that was in 1987. That is 29 years ago. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, put your mind at rest. I have nothing to do with Dasuki. I took no money from Dasuki.”

“The N100 million they are talking about, it was the money sent by the PDP to your party, SDP, following our endorsement of their presidential candidate. After a hotly debate, we agreed to endorse their candidate and after the endorsement, they said ‘we know that your party hasn’t got money with which to campaign for our candidate.” ” ‘To enable you campaign effectively for him and your candidate, we want to send you some money and I said thank you.’ And they sent this N100 million which I transferred to the account of your party. And which was used along other funds I raised for the party to conduct the last election.”

“Remember that I set up a committee here, which set up the modalities for distributing the money to the various states, depending on the number of candidates, whether you have a governorship candidate, House of Representatives candidates and the rest.”

“So, the money was not for Olu Falae, I did not take one naira out of it. And since this party started, with all humility, I have been the sole source of funding for this party. I have used my personal funds, apart from my friends who work in private sector, even in government, under confidentiality, they have contributed money through me to fund this party, because they believe in me and they believe in this party.”

He stated that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the PDP were full of his friends, adding that those of the APC today were PDP yesterday and vice versa.

– The Guardian



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