Ibinabo’s son calls her his queen despite trials despite jail see calls ibinabo fiberesima queen.

2 years ago

The first son of estranged president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima, Sean Liam Coughlan is not happy with the trend of things concerning his mother’s incarceration. Coughlan who is a professional footballer in England is surprised at the way things have turned out for his mother.
For him his mother just got married and had big plans of settling into her new family when he journey to jail began. He took to Instagram and shared a photo of his mum with the words, “My queen, no matter what, love this woman more than anything.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter ibinabo’s son Ibinabo first son Sean Liam Coughlan A Lagos High Court judge had sentenced Ibinabo to five years in jail for reckless driving which resulted to the death of a medical doctor who is a staff of the Lagos state Hospital in 2006.
The AGN president later appealed her sentence which was later dismissed on March 11 thus resulting in her being imprisoned. Though still in prison custody, Ibinabo has approached the Supreme Court to set aside the Appeal Court verdict and hearing have been fixed for April 7. In a recent turn of events, an eye witness at the scene of the accident who claimed to have helped the actress escape some area boys revealed to Charles Novia that Ibinabo was driving Daniel Wilson’s car and was not to be blamed for the accident. For now, the actress family is in prayers hoping that things will turn in their favour come April 7. Fiberesima once said that she had to fight depression that almost led her to committing suicide after the accident because of the way people treated her. She said she was only involved in an accident for which she has been internally sorry ever since. The AGN president revealed that she contemplated suicide at some point.
“Every time they want to throw things at me, they would bring it up. I didn’t steal anybody’s money and I am not a criminal. I was involved in an accident and I have internally remained sorry that it happened. They said I am going to jail again. I almost died the first time I was sent to jail in 2009. I almost committed suicide. But thank God that He brought me out of that depression.

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